1940 paternal grandmother escapes Poland with a train ticket and a suitcase. 1943 paternal great-grandmother dies in what would become the Warsaw Ghetto. 1950 maternal great-grandfather opens jewelry store in Detroit with his two sons. 1967 Detroit riots. 1968 father begins medical school at Wayne State University to avoid the draft to Vietnam. 1969 mother and father meet. 1971 maternal grandmother dies after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis. 1972 Womanhouse exhibition. September 23, 1972 I was born in New York. 1981 Picasso’s Guernica is returned to Spain. 1982 AIDS is named. September 8, 1985 Ana Mendieta dies. 1988 first trip to the Prado Museum to see Goya paintings. 1988 first trip to Warsaw with my Grandmother. 1989 study with Doug Ashford of Group Material. 1989 first trip to Cape Breton. 1990 graduate Saint Ann’s School Brooklyn. 1990 intern with Walter Robinson at Art in America. October 3, 1990. 1991-1994 study with Douglas Crimp, Mira Schor and Susanna Heller. November 4, 1995 Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated. January 9, 1996 Felix Gonzales-Torres dies. 1994-1998 work with Richard Avedon, Doon Arbus, Amy Arbus, Jean Pagliuso. June 9, 2001. 1999-2001 study with Rita McKeough, Michael Fernandes, Peter Walker, Gary Neill Kennedy, Robert Bean. September 11, 2001. 2003-2005 study with Robert Armstrong, Declan McGonagle, Brian Mcguire, Raul Araujo. 2003 first trip to Belfast. December 30, 2003 father dies suddenly. 2005 Dance in the Sao Paulo Carnival. July 4, 2006 first son is born. September 2006 begin teaching. January 13, 2009 daughter is born. December 29, 2010 paternal grandmother dies in New York City. March 10, 2011 second son is born. Always painting.